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Services and Pricing

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Ground Squirrel Removal Service

                           & Chipmunk Removal Service

                         Are the squirrels driving you nuts?

                Waschbär Wildlife Removal LLC can help!


$75.00 for the evaluation.

$100.00 for the setting of traps.

$35.00 for each removed from the ground.

$75.00 for each removed from the roof.

Three to six traps are typically used.  The client is asked to check the traps daily and contact the Waschbar Wildlife Removal Specialist  if removal is required.  If the client is unable to perform this task a daily checking fee of $10.00 will be applied.


Ground trapping can quickly and

effectively reduce the local

nuisance squirrel and chipmunk


Mole Removal Service


$250 For the

evaluation, setting of

traps and two weeks

of service.  The service

can be extended

another two weeks for

an additional $100.


Six to fifteen traps are 

usually used.  The 

traps will be checked at least twice a week.  Most mole problems can be resolved with in the first two weeks of service.

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