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Special Offers!

Basic Trapping


$165 for evaluation and the setting of traps.

$65 for each animal removed.

(1-3 traps set on the ground)
Recommended for Groundhogs, Raccoons, Skunks, Snakes, Squirrels, and Opossums.

Wildlife Monitoring


$65 for the setting of 1-3 trail cameras around the desired location to be monitored for one month of service. 

This is a method offered to better assess the nuisance wildlife present on the clients property to determine weather or not a basic removal would be beneficial.

Mole, Chipmunk, or Pigeon Removal Service


$165 for an evaluation and a 2 weeks of service. 

$65 for each additional week of service. 

(8-15 traps are typically used.)

Coyote Removal Service


$65 for the setting of 1-3 trail cameras, baiting of a target area, and monitoring for confirmation of coyotes present on the property.  Once coyotes have been confirmed to be on the property notifications will be made to the surrounding neighbors.

$200 for the setting of 1-3 foot traps.

$100 for each coyote removed.

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