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The Procedure

If this is your first time experiencing a nuisance wildlife or pest issue, let me start by saying,


"You are not alone.  It is going to be okay.  They are more likely more afraid of you, than you are of them.  The first step of resolving any problem is to realize there is a problem.  There may be contributing factors or it could be 100% random.  All forms of wildlife and pest are opportunist.  You may have just won "Natures' Lottery"! Waschbar Wildlife and Pest Solutions is here to help resolve your Wildlife and Pest issues."

As exciting as it can be winning "Nature's Lottery" it is now time for some normalcy.  It is now time to address the issue.  There is no "One Size Fits All" approach to Wildlife Removal and Pest Management.  It is all a process.  Some situations remedy quickly, some linger, addressing small issues before they become big problems is usually the deciding factor.    

"Nuisance Wildlife Stinks!"

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*Text messages are currently the best form of communication and will get the quickest responses.*   


Please call or email if that is most comfortable for you.  We will answer any questions or concerns you may have, and together we will determine that best plan of action to resolve the Wildlife or Pest issue.

(513) 646-4792

Please Send a Text Message 

With the following information:


Full Name:          Tyler Berger

Address:               3116 Montgomery Rd. STE C165
                                     Maineville, Ohio 45039


Issue:                         Raccoons.

Availability:            Monday - Sunday 8:00am - 6:00pm

A Digital Contract for an evaluation will be emailed to you and must be completed before the evaluation can be performed.

The evaluation will be invoiced at $75.oo (tax included).  An additional $25.00 (tax included) will be invoiced if you would also like the attic or crawlspace to be evaluated.

The evaluation is to gain more insight for the best course of action.  The Waschbär Wildlife and Pest Solutions Specialist will need to know everything you have observed and experienced, and will also try to discover additional information gained through the evaluation.


Entry Point

After the evaluation we should know exactly what nuisance wildlife or pest we are up against!  Now we formulate a plan and address the issue.  We can preform any treatment or pest sprays (*in most cases the evaluation cost can also include the treatment price) immediately or schedule for the next best time.


Raccoon Latrine

With nuisance wildlife I like to start on the ground.  It offers a more affordable price for my client and can be extremely effective in most cases.  If ground trapping has not yet remedy the issue it is time to apply more pressure and begin setting traps onto the gutter or on top of the roof.  There is an additional set up price and an increase in price for each animal removed using this method.  The next increase in pressure, if necessary is to set traps in the attic.  This has its short comings as I am sure you can imagine but some raccoons and the occasional squirrel demand it!

Now the nuisance wildlife or pest has been successfully removed, but entry point or evidence of them remains.  Waschbar Wildlife and Pest Solutions can help with that too!  In most cases we are able to patch any entry points left behind.  We can preform exclusions around decks, sheds, and porches to keep any new animals from calling the old den home.  We can preform animal waste and nest clean outs, or even remove a decaying animal.  We also have the disinfectants, sanitizers, and deodorizers needed to clean the mess up right!

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Porch Exclusion Close Up (1).jpg
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