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Services and Pricing

Ground Trapping
$75.00 for an evaluation.
$100.00 for the setting of traps.
$75.00 for each animal removed.

(1-3 traps set on the ground)
Recommended for Groundhogs, Raccoons, Skunks, Opossums, and Feral Cats.

Attic and Roof Inspection /

Wildlife Monitoring


A thorough inspection of the attic and

the roof will be performed by the

Waschbar Wildlife Removal Specialist. 

We will be looking for any evidence

of animals present at the location, and

documenting it for the client.  This will

also allow for more information if

trapping equipment is required to be

installed in the attic or on the roof.

                 $100.00 for evaluation.

                 $150.00 for the setting of traps.

                 $100.00 for each animal removed from roof.

               *$125.00 for each animal removed from attic.

*Any nesting material removed, patches, disinfecting and sanitizing can be quoted after evaluation is performed.

 Setting up to three trail cameras around the desired location to be monitored for a couple weeks is also a great precaution to track activity levels and the presence of animals in general. This is a method offered to better assess the nuisance wildlife present on the clients property to determine weather or not a basic removal or attic and roof removal would be beneficial to the client.  Most importantly it monitors the success of the removal process!


Ground Squirrel Removal Service

                           & Chipmunk Removal Service

                         Are the squirrels driving you nuts?

                Waschbär Wildlife Removal LLC can help!


$75.00 for the evaluation.

$100.00 for the setting of traps.

$35.00 for each removed from the ground.

$75.00 for each removed from the roof.

Three to six traps are typically used.  The client is asked to check the traps daily and contact the Waschbar Wildlife Removal Specialist  if removal is required.  If the client is unable to perform this task a daily checking fee of $10.00 will be applied.


Ground trapping can quickly and

effectively reduce the local

nuisance squirrel and chipmunk


Mole Removal Service


$250 For the

evaluation, setting of

traps and two weeks

of service.  The service

can be extended

another two weeks for

an additional $100.


Six to fifteen traps are 

usually used.  The 

traps will be checked at least twice a week.  Most mole problems can be resolved with in the first two weeks of service.

Raccoon 1_00001.jpg

Mouse Protection Service


$200 for the setting of 3-4 rodenticide bait stations around your property!

$75 for each check and refill.

1st check two months after installation.

Additional checks can be scheduled every 2, 3, or 4 months.


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